Hot Massage Holster

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I have lost one of my suppliers and have not been successful in finding a satisfactory replacement. Therefore, I regret to say that the Hot Massage Holster is not currently available and will remain so for an indifinate period of time.
I hope to resolve this issue sometime in the future so please check back. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Our Hot Massage Holster is heated,  insulated and will keep your oil or lotion warm for up to two hours!

Easier and  more convenient then a massage oil warmer.

Simply warm the flaxseed Heat Pack and your bottle of oil or lotion in the microwave, it only takes a minute or two. Slip them into your Hot Massage Holster and your ready to spoil your clients with warm oil massage.

Your clients will notice the difference!

The Hot Massage Holster and belt are made of Eco friendly natural hemp for comfort and unsurpassed durability. And is insulated with wool for heat retention.

Belt adjusts from 24″ to 42″ with the option of a belt measuring up to 52″.

Massage Holster, Belt and Bottle Hoodie are machine washable.

Your Hot Massage Holster package includes the Holster, Belt, 8 oz bottle, Bottle Hoodie, and two flaxseed heat packs. Everything you see in the picture below.


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